BaseCamp Version up to the latest 4.6.2

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    • BaseCamp 4.3.1 ist ON



      Diese Version ist nicht mehr mit Windows XP kompatibel - Minimum ist Windows Vista Service Pack 2

      Interessant ist es jetzt auch das beim Übertragen der Route auf das Gerät die Möglichkeit besteht die Route an das vorhandene Kartenmaterial des Gerätes anzupassen
      so entfällt die Neuberechnung in BC - siehe Bild

      Changes made from version 4.2.5 to 4.3.1:

      Added waypoint categories to the waypoint and bulk waypoint property dialogs
      Added the Task Based Startup Menu allowing users to choose what they want to do giving more help into what BaseCamp can do
      Added an Address search UI that operates more like MapSource
      Added Find Intersection to the Find menu
      Added richer context menus in most tools on the map
      Added feature to calculate a route that tries to match the shape of a track
      Added feature to optimize routes within trip planner
      Added a way to make it easier to find recently downloaded BirdsEye imagery
      Added a way to filter Adventures by activity when using Find
      Added indication of Adventure selected on the map
      Added display of route stats while editing the route on the map
      Added display of track stats while editing the track on the map
      Added a device information dialog
      Added support for curvy road route calculation
      Added 'snap to' indicator on the map when drawing new points in a route
      Added ability to exclude track portions in the track join dialog
      Added an 'Off Road' profile and clarified the difference between Off Road and ATV
      Added a prompt to preserve the original tracks when joining tracks
      Added a hotkey to open and close the overview map
      Added elevation statistics to the route dialog
      Added statistics display to the bulk route properties dialog
      Added ability to remove shaping points from routes in the data list
      Added display of rubber band when moving a waypoint on the map
      Added display of state and country city search results
      Added ability to create lists in the 'Send To' dialog
      Added an 'uncheck all' option when managing Custom POIs
      Added support for Lat/Lon coordiantes that are missing cardinal direction indicators
      Added a comment column for tracks in the data list
      Added more descriptive messages if export errors are encountered
      Added FIT file support to the Import dialog
      Improved performance when device maps are discovered for the first time
      Improved address search on device or card maps
      Improved balloons on the map
      Improved drawing performance of large tracks and routes
      Improved performance of filtering a track
      Improved waypoint search performance
      Improved discoverability of Adventure Edit, Publish, and View Online actions
      Improved display of individual track portions in the track join dialog
      Improved device communications performance when transferring photos
      Improved notification that a subscription is needed for a selected BirdsEye product
      Improved recovery from corrupted cache information from device maps
      Simplified default toolbar layout to exclude some editing tools
      Changed the map product selection combobox to be hidden in the default layout
      Fixed issue with encrypted Custom POI search (for RV and dezl devices)
      Fixed issues with routes that have multiple transportation modes
      Fixed device calculated ascent and descent values not being displayed
      Fixed Trip Planner crash when adding food stops to trips
      Fixed Basestation not updating most recent update time for contacts
      Fixed issue with reading photo waypoints that had missing photos
      Fixed map points remaining on the map after turning off all points
      Fixed Adventure playback not taking track speed into consideration
      Fixed a possible error when creating backup files
      Fixed issue with inverted routes maintaining previous departure times
      Fixed various language translations
      Removed printing restriction for card and device based map products.
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      Dream it! Do It! Live it!
    • hatte ich gelesen
      betrifft jedoch nur die MAC Version (zumindest die Mecker Kommentare und das bei 12 Beiträgen in einem Thread )

      es funktioniertbei mir einwandfrei
      alle Daten vorhanden - Externe Datenbanken müssen neu eingebunden werden

      hatte vorher auch die alte Version komplett deinstalliert und dann neu aufgespielt

      eine saubere Installation kann helfen - ich habe jedenfalls keine Fehler

      Dream it! Do It! Live it!
    • BaseCamp software version 4.4.1

      Change History
      Changes made from version 4.3.5 to 4.4.1:

      Added notification that eligible devices can install maps on the desktop using Garmin Express
      Added ability to create and manage areas to avoid while routing
      Added properties (and shading) for public land survey types
      Added progress bar in the data list for downloading BirdsEye
      Added progress bar on the BirdsEye wizard for downloading BirdsEye
      Added way to activate BirdsEye subscriptions within BaseCamp
      Added ability to go back on the BirdsEye wizard dialog and select a new area (subscription only)
      Added option to disable imagery display in the map views
      Added ability to mark a geocache as unattempted
      Added some additional waypoint symbols to be more consistent with newer nuvi and zumo devices
      Added Duplicate List and Contents menu option
      Added a column in the data list for waypoint category name
      Added map context menu option to search for the most recently used search category
      Improved response time when populating the list of Birdseye providers
      Changed how nearest area results are displayed on the map when hovering
      Changed to ask if the waypoint should be shared between routes when splitting a route
      Changed to preserve the settings in the print page settings dialog
      Changed the default behavior of the 'recalculate routes to match maps on device' option. This is now only enabled by default for zumo devices.
      Fixed problem with marine heights being displayed incorrectly
      Fixed issues when reading GPX files that contain invalid times
      Fixed odd rendering on newer City Navigator maps
      Fixed issues with inconsistent track stats
      Fixed Select All in lists not selecting the last item
      Fixed issues when attempting to transfer data to read-only cards or fitness devices that don't accept BaseCamp generated data

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    • Basecamp Version 4.4.4

      Download BaseCamp 4.4.4

      Fixed several issues when using the Pan Tool and the <ALT> key to move route points
      Fixed autorouting issue where straight line segments were inserted after each waypoint
      Improved track to route behavior. Now supports preserving the shape of track sections that aren't near a road.
      Improved handling in situations where the computer is low on memory
      Changed displayed route times to take layovers into account
      Fixed issue with 'higher education' map symbols showing up as airports
      Fixed certain instances of route direction text where the text was 'turn left/right' instead of 'bear left/right'
      Fixed issue when recalculating a route via the context menu in the data list
      Fixed various issues sending data to memory cards
      Changed to automatically unlock BirdsEye for a device when sending the BirdsEye to a card in that device
      Fixed various issues with Adventure search
      Fixed issue sending ADM files to cards for marine devices
      Added the command line option /Disable3D to disable the 3D view in BaseCamp. This was added to prevent startup issues with misbehaving graphics drivers.

      Dream it! Do It! Live it!