Garmin Monterra Software und Firmware Updates

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    • Garmin Monterra Software und Firmware Updates

      Monterra software version 3.20

      as of June 10, 2014

      (224.93 MB)

      Version 3.20_1.21
      - Added two additional zoom levels at 20/30ft (5/10m)
      - Improved city search
      - Improved map information bar dropdown behavior
      - Fixed geocache size getting cut off on widget in certain languages
      - Fixed saving waypoints in incorrect locations for certain Map Datums
      - Fixed additional routing avoidance issues
      - Fixed elevation plot not scrolling with new data
      - Fixed possible issue if device started in a powered mount
      - Fixed possible issue with User Grids in certain languages
      - Fixed a drawing issue with certain patterned areas
      - Fixed transparent maps not drawing with only the basemap enabled
      - Fixed geocaching dashboard not switching to the closest geocache
      - Fixed daily and weekly track auto-archive
      - Fixed geocache filtering not respecting empty filters
      - Fixed Where To? > Photos and Videos not updating with new photos
      - Fixed various display issues with the Satellite app

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    • Monterra software version 3.50
      as of August 11, 2014

      (225.44 MB)

      Changes made from version 3.20_1.20.00 to 3.50_1.23.00:

      Added mapping support for BlueChart g2, g2 Vision, and LakeVu maps
      Added marine search support to Where To? app
      Added anchor drag and off-course alarms when a marine map is installed
      Added Man Overboard app
      Added USGS 24k quad information to point review page
      Added toast notification on startup if a map could not be unlocked or authenticated
      Improved BirdsEye drawing
      Improved compass accuracy
      Fixed not showing boating ramp POIs on TOPO maps
      Fixed user-north compass mode to match other Garmin products
      Fixed arrow not showing on compass when navigating on a track
      Fixed always resetting track data on save
      Fixed some options incorrectly being visible for archived tracks
      Fixed map drawing issue when picking a point for proximity alarms
      Fixed not being able to filter waypoints by symbol after rotating device
      Fixed changes to routes being discarded after rotating device
      Fixed occasional issue when opening/importing GPX files

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    • GPSChipsetTypeM5 Version 2.90 steht über Garmin Express zur Verfügung

      Changes made from version 2.80 to 2.90:

      Improve positioning performance and distance accrual in some circumstances.

      nach dem Herunterladen erfolgt die Installation über das Monterra und zwar analog eines Firmware Updates

      also Systemeinstellung öffnen - nach ganz unten scrollen zu "Über den Monterra" und anklicken
      nun zu "System Updates" wechseln und den Anweisungen folgen

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    • Firmware und GOA Update

      Version 4.10_1.28
      - Added a notification sound when approaching route vias in direct nav mode
      - Added access to Android recovery menu by holding volume down during startup
      - Improved map rendering speed when terrain layer is disabled
      - Improved raster map rendering
      - Improved stability when rapidly using pinch-to-zoom
      - Improved POIs to show up to 1.2mi zoom level instead of 300ft
      - Fixed issue with map layers sometimes panning at different rates
      - Fixed issue with map zoom level not persisting across opening/closing the app
      - Fixed grayscale Birdseye imagery drawing incorrectly
      - Fixed issue with not being able to toggle off some non-basemap images
      - Fixed issue with not showing icons for GPI points
      - Fixed issue with not being able to tap custom POIs on map
      - Fixed issue with direct routes limiting to only 50 points
      - Fixed issue with compass always pointing north when navigating a track
      - Fixed possible issue saving points in wrong hemisphere in certain languages
      - Fixed issue with elevation dashboard and widget not centering on new data
      - Fixed Mark Waypoint app not using adjusted elevation
      - Fixed issue with map datum and spheroid not saving with profiles
      - Fixed issue with routes not recalculating on profile change
      - Fixed issue with speed alert POIs displaying incorrect speed
      - Fixed issue with custom POI comments not linking URLs correctly

      Dream it! Do It! Live it!